Monday, October 24, 2016

2016 presidential race - 3rd party candidate analysis

Since I am #neverclinton and #nevertrump, I've decided to vote for a 3rd party candidate. I know the math - a vote for anyone else essentially helps the other. To me, my vote is more than math. Not only did people rally, fight and die for my right to vote, so many people (especially women) don't have the right to vote. So it's not only a privilege, it's a responsibility. Watch this video why you should vote for a third party candidate. This speaks to exactly why I am not voting for Trump or Clinton.

Before I start, you must understand my background that informs my analysis. I count myself a Republican. But not the Trump kind. The free-market, more-choices-please, freedom-loving, military-supporting, environmental-policies-that-work-not-just-fads, everyone-who-can-work-should-contribute,  government-must-protect-its-people, equal-opportunities-for-all kind. These are the principles my party was founded on that are at risk due to pompous jerks that think they are king.

Second, understand that I'm a social conservative. I don't think these issues have to divide Republicans, but often they do. For myself, I can't support candidates who make abortion "rights" a platform issue.

Third, what I believe is important for an executive position like president and governor:
*Do they know what they don't know and surround themselves with wise counsel?
*Do they have experience managing large budgets and directing large staffs?
*Do they believe in at least some higher power? (this indicates they don't see themselves as the end all by all and humble themselves)
*Do they play nice with others? The U.S. is not a monarchy - we have checks and balances of power derived from the people for a reason. The president doesn't sponsor laws - Congress does. If they can't work with others, they'll get nothing done.
*Have they proven they can handle stress and difficult situations? These positions are no good for training grounds. If you have your finger on the red button, I want to know you can handle it.

With that, here's my analysis of third party presidential candidates (that are on my ballot in Washington State as well as one popular write-in with colleagues I respect):

Alyson Kennedy
coal miner, union leader

*doesn't support capitalism
*supports abortion
*priority is to fight against cops who kill - no mention of unity
Focused on fringe issues, doesn't talk about her plan or how to improve our economy or standing globally. Mostly complains.
Gloria Estela La Riva
community organizer and activist for Cubans, anti-war, anti-racism, women's and LGBTQ issues

*doesn't support capitalism
Main agenda is to end capitalism and replace with socialism.
Jill Stein
physician, environmental health advocate
*has an economic plan
*blames billionaires for "throwing us under the bus" (I'm personally sick of the 99% false argument)
Would love to know how she achieves 100% renewable energy and public higher ed as a right - makes me leery of false promises.
Darrell Castle
Military, lawyer
*like his talk about American sovereignty
*property rights and anti-Agenda 21
*military experience (good when you're Commander in Chief)
*unconstitutional foreign aid? We don't live in the Dark Ages anymore - can't be isolationist. As they say, you can't un-ring that bell.
Wants to remove us from UN and NATO, and return to the gold standard to strengthen the dollar. Hmm...I see the points, but not sure that would reach intended goal.
former Governor of New Mexico (two terms), business owner
*Republican background
*cut taxes and balanced budget
*"government doesn't create jobs" - thank you!
*balanced and realistic environmental agenda - do what works, protect the environment, but not for the gain of high-powered lobbyists
*signed a bill banning late term abortions

*vetoed 750 bills - red flag for me that he doesn't work well with other people
*pro-choice for first and second trimester
I think this is the most popular 3rd party candidate. I'm tempted to vote for him simply to increase the odds of taking electoral votes from Trump and Clinton.
Evan McMullinCIA, businessman, Policy Director for Congressional House Republicans*limited spending
*religious freedom
*balanced and realistic assessment of economic problems and plan to fix it
*doesn't support abortion - but has a plan to prevent more unintended pregnancies and encourage more adoptions! love it!
*helping the poor is an agenda item
*no executive experience (only Johnson does of all the candidates)He's not on my ballot, so I'd have to write him in.
Other than my actual voter's pamphlet and the linked campaign sites above, I also used this website as a source of information.

With that, since I kept going back and forth on who I'm going to vote for, I'm not going to state it here. You decide. Even if you are disallusioned by this year's "presidential" "choices," there are a TON of other really important things on your ballot - not just the presidential election! So please get out and vote! As they say, you can't complain about your leaders/laws if you don't vote.

God Bless America!!